Advertising your plumbing business

As we've all been in the plumbing business for a while now, I'm sure we learned that the lifeblood of any business is proper advertising. Some people have said "Oh we don't advertise, we just get our customers through referrals." Well, actually that is called word of mouth advertising and we won't be talking about that today.

Today's discussion will be internet marketing and how it can help your local plumbing business. A lot of us have websites, but most of us can't be found. When you type in "Portland plumber" on the yahoo, what do you see? If your plumbing business listed there? Chances are, its not because only a handful of companies can be listed there.

The easiest way to be at the top of this list is through paying for advertisements. This works in the short run, but can get really expensive. The best way to make sure you continuously get found for keywords you want to be found for is through proper optimization.

Don't let fancy sales reps tell you that you should be in the Yellow Pages, or that you should advertise on billboards. Thousands of people are going to skip your ads because that's not what they are looking for. When you use the internet you are going to get people who need a plumber in Portland, Or, looking you up and clicking your site.

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