Best Places To Grow Meta Cuts And Harmonies

In mists of pandaria, the economy has been characterized by having some of the recipes that make the most valuable items gated behind things. A main character can get reputation, random world drops and BoP Spirits of Harmony. The professions should be leveled up before they can make a lot of WOW gold. However, they are still very useful for both high level players and low level players.

Jewelcrafters will not get meta gem cuts. Enchanters will not get the best bracer and weapon enchants. Other crafters will not get Harmonies that they can use to craft gear. If you can provide them the things you want to get, you will get rich faster.

There are no short ways to get the meta cuts and harmonies. However, harmonies and meta cuts can be gotten by grinding. If you are going to invest some time grow these materials, there are some best places to go.

Perlfin Village

If you are alliance, you can start the Pearlfin Village quests and stop at the Carpe Diem quest, which provide you with a small army of NPCs that can be used to help you kill the spawning hozen. You need to tag as many as possible with AOE and keep your character from holding aggro. If you spend a few hours here, you will have tons of Motes of Harmony. At the same time, you can get a good chance to get some jewelcraft recipes.

Zhus Watch

If you are on the Horde side and do not have the pearlfin option, another good place to go is Zhus Watch. You do not need to complete any breadcrumb quests. You can run straight to Ken-Ken and do a couple of intro quests starting with Whats Eating Zhus Watch? You will be able to find a good way to buy cheap WOW gold as well as a way to gain WOW power leveling.

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