Bob Proctor Scam: A Mothers Tale

Most people think that Bob Proctor scam people. My Mother recently told me about her experience with Bob Proctor. It was actually an experience that can easily deny all of the negative claims of many people that Bob Proctor is a fraud. According to my Mom, our business was not very big before. She said that the big grocery building that we have now was just a small store before. She really didn't have any big dream before and she was satisfied with the small store. But when she heard one of the Bob Proctor's speeches, she started to realize her potential and potential of our store. She started to have big dreams and started to reflect on what she can still do for the business. She started to make plans for the future. After her great realizations, she started taking risks in the business and she was lucky enough to have succeeded in the risks that she took. After hearing from my mother her experience, I am now sure that Bob Proctor does not scam people. I truly believe that.

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