Eye Care For Computer Users

None of us in the present times can escape from working on a computer. The use of computer involves lot of strain to the eyes. As this is unavoidable, the computer user must have small breaks in work. Blinking several times during these breaks can be good for the eyes. Keeping the eyes closed, the eyeballs can be rolled first clockwise and then anticlockwise. This process can be repeated a few times before resuming work. This is a wonderful exercise for the eyes to give instant relief from the strain they have undergone. The user can bank upon visiondirect.com for excellent eye care.

Working for long hours has become routine and unavoidable. One can divert the eyes from the computer screen every now and then and look at other objects. Such diversions of the eyes from the screen can be taken for at least five minutes per hour of working. If the user feels tiredness in the eyes, then the palms can be rubbed together and the resultant warmth of the palm can be transferred to the eyes by cupping the palms around the closed eyes. Repeating the process a few times, the eyes get relaxed and freshened. Another good idea is to wash the face with closed eyes. During breaks, it is fine to take a walk in fresh air to give a much needed break to the eyes.

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