Filed BP Claims for Damages on Personal and Public Properties

Major public infrastructures as well as private properties of individuals were covered up in oil along with toxic chemicals after the widespread oil spill of 2010. The catastrophe reached the coastlines around the Gulf of Mexico spanning several states in the South from Key West Florida to Mississippi. People who have been affected by the oil spill forwarded their BP oil spill claims which payments are coming from the compensation funds set aside by BP for this particular issue. Two of the major sectors that filed for damage claims and awaiting their BP claim status include private entities and several government agencies.

Two years into the processing of claims, still BP claims have been continuing with the measures of giving compensation to claimants. This facility has progressed from the BP claims process after Gulf Coast Claims Facility transferred the task to BP in order to continue serving the people. Most of the areas affected by the oil spill have been identified within particular zones that would help identify their processing of claims and speed up the payments a little bit. Most people require compensation for the loss in profits they have suffered during the entire time the oil spill have been happening and in the aftermath thereof.

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