GCCF Claims Processing During Transition Period

Do you have a claim filed with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility? For many claimants, the process of litigating BP lawsuits is a confusing and frustrating course. First, there are so many documents that they need to prepare. The claims facility is very specific when it comes to documentation. Any mistake on document submission can mean a delay or a halt in the processing of a claim. Another thing that confuses claimants is the categorizing Gulf Coast oil spill claims. Two types of settlement comprise the compensation program, and a claimant must be able to determine in which category his or her GCCF claim falls.

A new settlement program has been established after the negotiation between plaintiff lawyers and BP lawyers. The new process for filing a BP final claim is expected to be more fair and transparent than the old claims program. During the transition period, individual and class action lawsuits will be reviewed for eligibility. Claimants who filed claims with the old program are expected to get 60% of their compensation immediately. The rest of the compensation would be awarded under the new program. If you want to learn more about BP oil spill facts, see a lawyer to know more about your legal options.

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