Great Travel Tips for Germany

How much do you about traveling to Germany? Do you know what cultural sights to visit? What "Bundesland" are you going to visit? If you feel that you are unsure of any of these questions, then read on for some great advice!

1) Germany consists of 16 "Bundeslaender" (we would call them states). The most popular Bundesland is Bavaria. It is visited by millions of tourists every year, because it has so much to offer: nature, culture, and so much more. The most popular region to visit in Bavaria is the Allgäu region (in southern Bavaria, about 1 hour away from Munich).

2) Cultural sights. The most famous tourist attraction is the Neuschwanstein Castle. Many of us know this castle as the "Disney Caslte". It was build by the last Bavarian King: "King Ludwig II. of Bavaria". Millions of tourist visit this castle every year.

3) Popular festival. Everyone has heard of the Octoberfest. This beer festival is in Munich and begins in September and ends in October. It is the worlds largest beer festival.

4) Popular cities. The most popular cities in Germany are Berlin (northern Germany) and Munich (southern Germany). Munich is a very traditional city with many great historical buildings. Berlin on the otherhand is a very modern city with a very specific music scene.

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