History Of Web Hosting

Most of us are not accustomed to avail all kinds of facilities on the internet itself. These facilities range from gaining information about products to purchasing them. Even the products are not limited to any genre. You can shop for insurances, clothes, electronics, and even foods now-a-days. But, this has not been the case forever. Marketing through websites with the aid of web hosting companies in the likes of hostgator is not a concept that was comprehensible even in the early nineties.

This can be accredited to the fact that a commercial restriction was placed on companies that limited any firm from expanding its marketing tactics to the WWW (World Wide Web). This does not mean that there was no scope of marketing on the internet during that period. This just implies that any firm that wanted to do so, had to purchase a web hosting server of its own to store all the data.

This limited the growth scope of companies that could not afford to do so, or did not have the time to manage it. But, as time passed on, entrepreneurs recognized the importance of this kind of publicity and they purchased servers, so that they could rent them to clients who were hesitant to operate such sites themselves. This way, the purpose of the parties was served, and the web hosting industry came into existence in 1991.

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