Online Harassment Training

Everyone should be able to go to work with the comfort in knowing that they are in a safe and healthy environment. Harassment in the workplace has always been a major problem in society and continues to be so today. An important form of online compliance training, harassment training, will give employees, managers and supervisors the tools necessary to not only defend themselves from harassment but also to be able to provide help to colleagues who are being harassed. It is the employers responsibility to provide a safe environment for employees where they can enjoy a working atmosphere that is free of threat or harm. By enrolling in and completing the Online Harassment Training program, individuals can feel confident that they will know what to do in any situation involving workplace harassment.

There are many aspects about workplace harassment that will be addressed in the training program. Some of these include the signs of harassment, how to create a positive working environment, how to prevent oneself from being harassed, understanding professional boundaries and appropriate humor in the workplace. Individuals are also given the opportunity to ask questions that they may have about workplace harassment in a discrete manner.

This training program is intended for new employees as well as veteran employees, managers and supervisors who need to brush up on their harassment prevention requirements. By having everyone participate in the Online Harassment Training program, the entire staff can feel a sense of unity and at the same time everyone will be on the same page when it comes to workplace harassment.

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