The Algerian Love Knot Replica

The Algerian love knot was first noticed in the film Casino Royale. For the entire movie of James Bond Casino Royale, Eva Green uses this Algerian love knot necklace. This is again seen on James Bond which stars Daniel Craig and is seen throughout the movie. This jewelry is handcrafted with intertwined bands that has the classic symbols and is made from solid 18 carat gold and is filled with real diamonds.

Since the price is definitely fixed to be top notch, most people who would want to have this Algerian necklace that cannot afford the high cost of the original one purchases the Algerian love knot replica instead. This jewelry is a sign of eternal and everlasting love has caught the minds, hearts and eyes of the international audience, the necklace got higher praises from the Bond fans. This makes the replica of the jewelry also become popular. These replica are similar to the real one and is intended for those who are on budget, however they are surely not the exact replicas.

Additionally, Vesper Lynds earrings in the film had been made by Sophie Harley. This jewelry is created from oxidized silver which is gold plated and semi precious red and black garnet stone. This was created primarily for the Bond girls.

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