The Beauty Of A Great Cruise

I haven't been on a cruise in at least a couple of years, although I did have a great time on my last cruise. It was a cruise in Philadelphia, and I don't quite remember the name of the company. Anyways, I really enjoyed my time on the cruise. To start things off, the cruise was very comfortable, I did not have any difficulties sleeping on the boat. And it was rather comfortable.

During my cruise, especially dinner and late night hours, a marvelous group of rising stars selected from the renowned performing arts schools locally and the city's homegrown pool of talent provided ample of entertainment. A few of the top local musicians also performed. It was a great variety of local performers ranging from solo artists to big bands that really delivered a great live performances of popular music in an assortment of styles.

Being on the water stimulates almost everyone's appetite, and any good cruise should be ample of good food. Well, let's just say that it satisfied my hunger in many delicious ways. You can choose one of our special cruise and dine tours, and savor meals inspired by dishes created by the city's top chefs and served at Philadelphia's best restaurants. You can also opt for a cruise-only package and order food and beverages from a la carte menus or from our concessionaires. I had the dine tour package, it was mouthwatering just thinking about it again.

The romance of traveling on the water, the Philadelphia-inspired artwork, entertainment and cuisine all combine to create a unique sensory experience that we call the best of Philadelphia. There's nothing else like it in all of Philadelphia. Not only do you get the great water view, you get to take in all of Philly's best all at once. It's the perfect way to share a memorable time together.

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