The Broken Laptop Screen

Nicole carried her laptop everywhere with her, it was a gift from her mom and she was proud of it. She had her laptop at school one day, kept zipped up and protected in her book back. She was at her desk in class and one of her friends tripped over her book bag and fell. She did not think anything of her laptop and laughed at her friend and helped her up. When she got home that night she opened her laptop up to find out that her screen was broken. She ran to her mom and told her what the problem was. Nicole was so upset she started to cry. Her mom calmed her down and told her they would have to take it to Computer Repair Redlands to get a new screen. When she arrived at Computer Repair Redlands Nicole explained the problem to the technician and he went to check his inventory. Nicole was in luck, the repair shop that they went to, had the laptop screen in store. She was very happy and her mother was too. Her mom filled out the paperwork needed and let the technician do his job. She got a call about thirty minutes later saying the computer was ready for pick up.

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