The Empower Network Explained

October 31st 2011 was a big day! The Empower Network created by David Wood and David Sharpe has launched. Being an affiliate marketing system that applies MLM strategies, this company has grown into one of the biggest internet marketing hits. This systems affiliates use the WordPress blogging platform and send their visitors to the selling page of the business, through links. The blog has much SEO clout; therefore, the organic traffic becomes unlimited. The affiliates are able to build both their blogs and an Empower Network downline.

Commissions start kicking in for the affiliates, as soon as people but the blogging platform through the affiliate link. Commissions also arrive from any other product that is bought, together with a percentage made from the empower downline.

This companys major goal is to help entrepreneurs everywhere: both affiliate and network marketers. At some point, each and every one of these people will enjoy their online success and commissions. For $25 a month, you will be provided a pre-formatted blog and a squeeze page. Your blog will contain banners that link you to the squeeze page. There, the creators will present how the system works, through videos. However, the main task of an affiliate will be to drive traffic to his or her blog.

Empower Network

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