The Enjoyment of Trading Card Games

The world of trading card games has really expanded over time. There are a variety of different games that each have a unique approach the the genre. Generally the basic trading card game allows a person to build a deck of cards and play them against other people. The unique thing about trading card games is that they allow the player to change the game by acquiring and using different cards. See, the games generally have a core set of rules that guide turns, starting hands, and life points. However, the game changes because the details of the rules are based on what the cards themselves say. The base rules give you a framework, but the game is really played based on the actions the cards allow you to take. By combining different cards you can create different results. In 2006, Blizzard introduced its WOW TCG because of the popularity of trading card games and their video game series. This game has introduced a slight variation to the classic trading card game set up.

Traditionally, trading card games have had rules where you attack the other players to get their life points down to zero. What Blizzard did is make it so that you don't attack a player, but instead the player is represented by a "hero" card. These specific Warcraft cards allow for more customized forming of a deck. Each "hero" has a specific class, taken from the video game's mythology, that restricts the player to certain cards. This means that a players specific deck is not just dependent on the combination of cards, but is also specialized based on the "hero" class he or she chooses. It has taken an aspect from the RPG genre and combined it with the trading card game world. You are not just open to use any card you want, instead you create a deck persona based on the class you select. It is a new twist to the classic trading card game mold.

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