Things to Know About Cocker Spaniel Training

Cocker spaniel training involves several stages, that, when done correctly, can lead to a happy dog and a happy dog owner. You have to divide cocker spaniel training in several phrases. First, show your spaniel the key places that it will use like food bowl, its bed and a place in the garden where it will go. Dont change these places, always use the same place in the garden, dont move its bed or food bowl. Your puppy needs to know that it cant use the whole house.
The next phrase in cocker spaniel training is to teach it to get used to a crate and collar. You should leave the puppy in the crate up to two hours every day and never take off its collar. Your pet will disapprove this in the beginning, but you must stay consistent, since consistency is the crucial thing in cocker spaniel training. Follow the given tips and train your dog with ease.

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