This Is Almost A Free Phone Deal

To get a free phone from Virgin Mobile might not be as simple as some people might put it. But then there are possibilities of you getting a mobile phone from Virgin Mobile even with as little as $19. Virgin has a range of low priced mobile handsets just to get you connected. Well the phones do not have the amazing features of high megapixel cameras or GPS mapping but they are good to keep you connected. One of the low priced phones by Virgin Mobile is the TNT. It is actually an acronym for talk N text. The phone is just a basic phone manufactured by Kyocera wireless.

TNT has some of the basic features that you can expect for twenty bucks. The phone has basic games, a speakerphone, basic mobile web access a low storage capacity and amazingly, it has real music ringtones. There you have it, for twenty bucks, you have a phone thanks to Virgin Mobile. You do not have to go looking for a free phone from Virgin Mobile. Its might not be that free as you may think but here is a good deal if you really need a phone from Virgin Mobile and I can guarantee you they are good quality phones.

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