Waitressing Tips

A waitress is a great profession and the earning potential can be excellent. Some waitresses make over $50/hr in tips. These waitresses arent working in high end restaurants or incredibly good looking, they simply do some small things right. If you are a waitress this article will give you four waitressing tips on how you can earn more money.

The first waitressing tip is that you should be friendly. In several studies a waitress simply smiling more to their customers increased the amount they make in tips by 20%. Smiling and being friendly will help you get more tips.

Being attentive is another tip for waitresses to be successful. If you are serving a table and realize that they are running low on Soda then the faster you are able to provide them with another drink the bigger your tip will be. Someone who is at a table and receives a drink promptly is very appreciative. Another way to get a larger tip by being attentive is, if at the table they spill a drink and you help to quickly clean it up. Instead of talking to your coworkers when things are slow make sure you continue to monitor your tables and look for opportunities to help serve them.

The third tip for a waitress is to learn the names of the people at your table. By learning the names of people at your table you will be able to talk to them in person and build a relationship. By being able to build a relationship with your customers you will increase the size of the tip you receive.

The fourth tip is to write a note of appreciation on the bill. When you deliver the bill make a note thanking them and adding a little extra information. For example you can write "Thanks Bob and Sue I enjoyed serving you and your wonderful daughters this evening, enjoy the movies!"

The above waitressing tips should help you increase the amount of money you receive when you are serving. If you think you can follow the above steps than becoming a professional waitress may be a great career move.

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