Ways To Stream Your Audio

If you have a good song collection and spent hours generating a decent playlist, you may want to be able to enjoy these songs not just from your computer but all around your house or even have friends be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There are several ways that you can distribute your content. I am going to look at a few techniques to stream audio within a home and also to other homes and highlight each method's pros and cons.

You may have seen some commercially available wireless music systems at your local audio retail store. Most of these systems use a wireless link to transmit audio which is fed to a transmitter unit to wireless receivers that are spread throughout your home. However, those systems can get pretty expensive. As an alternative, you can consider getting a pair of wireless speakers which cost less than $100.

Also, you can use your existing home network to stream audio. Many internet radios are equipped with a LAN adapter and can connect directly to a LAN cable. If you want to stream your content to your friends then the internet is a good choice. There are commercially available applications which are designed to be able to stream audio over the internet.

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