What is the Process of Getting Someone Out of Prison Through A Bail Bond?

A friend, relative, or the defendant usually may call the bail bond company. During the initial consultation, most companies will collect basic information about your case to determine the risk involved before writing a bail bond or before starting the process.

If the customer decides to hire the services of Bail Bonds man San Diego, the customer must sign the appropriate documents including the application which serves as an indemnification agreement. The customer will also be given an invoice. There are numerous types of bail bonds that Bail Bonds San Diego CA offer that can be processed either by sending the documents via electronic mail (email) or fax. The bail bond can be processed in a few minutes.

After all the documents are finalized, the Agent shall place the bail to the prison where the accused is being detained. Subsequently, the defendant will be released. The process starts when an agency files a deposit for the bail. The agency will become the one responsible complete the process and it should be completed in one to two hours. For this service, the customer will incur a tax of bail. (For the overall fee, a total of 10% based on the full amount of bail will be paid. This is in accordance with what state law requires).


If the defendant does not appear after signing the bail bond, he or she will usually be jailed until the case is resolved in court. The advantage of this arrangement is that the accused can have more time to get legal help and file the case in a more detailed way. Besides, the accused can put their affairs in order if he or she is imprisoned.

Before choosing the bail bond company for your bonding needs, you must find someone that can realistically take you out of jail or one that can complete the entire bail bond process.

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