What To Look For While Buying A Wrist Watch

Sometimes a buyer wants to buy a wrist watch without exceeding a certain sum of money. In this case, the first desire to locate a wrist watch that would have as many opportunities as possible at equal price. As a result, one often purchases a fake one in order to get a large set of advantages: known brand name, calendar, chronograph, lunar calendar, etc.

But, instead of spending time in searching for renowned company, it is much better getting less known watch in steel or gold made by the original manufacturer. Such wrist watch will delight you with many years of faithful service as well as real functionality. There are plenty of wrist watches available in the market which you can choose from such as Swiss, Quartz, Rolex datejust, Omega, etc. How to find the difference between the real and fake ones?

Water-resistance specified on the wrist watches often does not correspond to reality. Waterproof is not absolutely guaranteed. Watch cases are often made of low quality metal alloys such as silumin. The original watches are made of stainless steel.

The case coating resistance requires expensive procedure. Only the original manufacturers are capable to perform it. Poor quality finish of the casings looks good when it is new. But over time, color of the coating quickly wears out and even chrome cases look dark gray after a few months.

Branded straps are made of leather with triple folds; sometimes bottom layer represents a special material with impregnation against sweat. The fake ones mainly use rubber mat.

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