Why Choose Vancouver Colonics?

Colon hydrotherapy or "water" therapy is readily available by qualified natural health practitioners in Vancouver. Often referred to as colonics, this non-surgical, natural health practice, is a great alternative for many people suffering from over fifteen different health issues. Treatment of the colon, involves addressing underlying causes for existing ailments and diseases; many of which have been unresponsive to typical western medicine.

Hydrotherapy is the process of removing toxins that build up in the intestine and affect the good bacteria. Toxins come from lifestyle, and we all have them. Pollution from our environment, poor air quality and flow in our homes and work-places, and a diet high in fat and low in fiber, all create toxins. The worst culprit is antibiotics; our western world tends to have a pill for everything, and antibiotics are vastly over-prescribed and used.

Once a build up of toxins is created in the colon, the body begins to break down. Our colon is responsible for removing waste products from the body, and a toxic colon becomes sluggish with bowel movements becoming irregular and may result in constipation and bloating. colon hydrotherapy vancouver can help restore the bodies delicate balance, in usually two to six sessions, typically lasting from thirty to sixty minutes.

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