Why do we need to use SSL certificate?

We are in the age of information where, the users or client does transactions over the Internet. SSL certificate ensures the data is sent to the correct server. SSL certificate is a technology that gives you a secure online solution and helps you to assure customers that the site they are visiting is safe, for a simple visit, shopping or logging in.

SSL certificate contains digital keys that protect the integrity of your data when sending and receiving. The server that is running SSL creates a path with a unique encryption for private meetings via the Internet, and the server's public key is available to anyone. That's why both public keys and private keys are used: The public keys are used for encrypting the information, the private keys to decrypt it.

When choosing a SSL certificate one must take into account the main purpose of the website. Is the website mainly used to handle transactions which will require sensitive credit card information? If so, then having SSL certificate installed on that page/website is absolutely crucial. These days, most web hosting providers support SSL certificates, and that is why it is recommended that you analyze in depth, the purpose of your website and make a good decision regarding SSL certificate.

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