Why whey protein powder is the ideal protein source

There are many sources of protein. There are animal protein sources and plant protein sources. All these sources are good but the quality of proteins varies from one source to another. Most vegetarians prefer to use soy protein since it is a plant. The most common protein supplement is whey protein powder and it is the ideal protein source. There are many reasons why it is considered to be the ideal source of proteins. Whey protein is a product from milk this means that it falls in the category of proteins from animal sources. It is the preferred choice for many athletes and body builders. This is because its biological value is high compared to other proteins. Whey protein is grouped into three sub categories. One is whey concentrate which has a biological value of 104. Second is whey isolate and this is the best since it has the highest biological value which also means that it is easily absorbed. Lastly is hydrolyzed whey. Whey protein powder is ideal because it has high calcium which is good for bone health. This is given because it is a dairy product. The fact that it is in powder form makes it easier to carry along when on a trip.

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