Home Service for Computer Repair

Corona, California, specifically located in Riverside County, is a small city of approximately 160,000 people but now boasts to be one of the cities in the world that is leading when it comes to computer repair services. Computer Repair Corona used to be a five-chain computer repair shop that's now become a computer repair conglomerate in the city, attracting customers even from outside the boundaries of the county.

But it's no surprise that Computer Repair Corona is making a name for itself, with its focus on customer care and service value. The computer repair shop is very proud to have gone beyond personal computer repair. Now, they also provide hardware and software solutions to business located in the city.

The computer repair shop also has a website that has a 24/7 help desk that's ready to diagnose computer problems for free. Price quotations are also available through the web site. Recently, the shop also began its computer repair home service, where technicians go to the customer's home and fix the problem right there.

Beside the computer repair shop, a new building is on its way to be established for the the computer parts and equipment shop, still owned by the owner of the repair shop.

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