How Can Wireless Music Transmitters Be Used With A PC?

Streaming music from a PC is an interesting application. It is not surprising that lately several products have appeared which transmit music through a house. Most of these products are network-based and therefore easily interface with a PC. There are also some other products which are less expensive than whole-house wireless music systems. I am going to review some of these products and show how they can interface with a PC.

You may not want to spend thousands of dollars when purchasing one of the more advanced wireless music products. However, you don't have to. There are some transmitters on the market that are ideal for streaming music from a PC that cost less then $50.00. Some of these kits come with a transmitter that plugs into a PC via USB plug. Some kits come with a transmitter that has the shape of a USB stick and attaches to a PC like a USB memory stick. However, keep in mind when purchasing one of these very small transmitters that the range usually decreases as the size of the transmitter is reduced. Also, if you plug the transmitter into a slot that is located at a low elevation then the wireless signal may get blocked by the PC chassis.

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