Hydroponic gardening-please bring me some green salads.

In my place, we live in a desert. As we all now, not everything can survive well in these extreme conditions. We have little to none when it comes to production of food. I can say that if someone sells a fresh garden salad here, I will trade my house for it. I am just that sick and tired of eating fried bugs and roasted dessert animals.

Anyway, I heard about this Hydroponic Gardening thing. They are doing this stuff at a nearby town. They said it does not need a fertile soil for a plant to grow. Just water and nutrients. This is awesome. It is an innovative idea and gives hope to people like me who wants fresh vegetables. I think they can be successful with it because they've hoarded everyones water in our region for the past 5 years. I really dont care now, I just wish them luck and I am excited for my green leafy vegetables.

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