Sydney Harbour Cruises Are Unforgettable

There are some nights more than others that I wish I could be cruising Sydney instead of rocking my hysterical little one back to sleep for the third time in an evening. But alas all I have are the memories I made when I booked a Sydney Harbour cruise seven years ago this October.

While I had often wondered if Sydney Harbour cruises were even still popular, I secretly hoped they were not as they were very trendy when I set sail which made them difficult to book and I had made up my mind to take another one before the end of the year. I thought I would have to spend a lot of time researching the subject, but there were several companies in Sydney that offered cruise packages.

I toggled between the two sites until I was able finally make a decision. I booked a Sydney cruise for the last weekend in November and hoped that it was far enough in advance that my husband could pencil the occasion into his day planner. I thought it would be a nice visit down memory lane and as well as a much needed night away from the kids. Between the schedule my husband and I had been keeping, there was no time set aside for us.

I informed my husband of the date and told him to block the afternoon because we had a date. He seemed a little taken aback at first, but I could tell by the glint in his eye that he was not going to miss this occasion for anything. I day of the cruise I had my husbands clothes laid out and ready to go, the babysitter was already at the house and I was dressed to kill. All we needed was for him to come home and change so we could head out to our Sydney Harbour cruise.

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