What Is Webhosting?

Webhosting is a vast domain where companies and individuals can create their website on the World Wide Web. The process begins with selecting a good web host who will ensure a quality service and enhanced offerings on this platform. However such offerings are not always easy to purchase, since they are often an expensive proposition.

While hosting companies will always guide you on the kind of online presence to consider, prior knowledge about the same is definitely required.

Single page or small scale file hosting is the most basic form of this kind of support. FTP support to upload files and a striking web interface are also required to launch a website. A number of well-known hosts themselves provide this support free of cost. However features like database support and application development are provided to larger entities.

Control panel and applications like email come under additional value adds. When customers buy branded coupon like the host gator coupon, extra features are added to boost the website's presence. These include special bandwidth, or disk space, or unlimited storage of data.

Depending on the type of webhosting you want, such as a free plan, or one that is shared, or a more dedicated server, it's good to conduct a thorough research before purchasing a plan.

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