Workplace Storage and Security

If you own or manage an office or commercial property, it is important to be aware of the risks involved. You will need the appropriate insurance to cover damages and theft, but prevention is better than cure. You will leave valuable equipment locked up overnight, from PCs in your office to vans full of important tools. No matter what your industry, there are items you keep in the workplace that are costly to replace if a theft should happen. Short of employing night time security staff, there are many things you can do to make your workplace more secure.

Fitting CCTV allows you to view and monitor your property when you are away from the office. Unfortunately, this method still means that nobody is watching all the time. Checking up on your CCTV remotely may become an obsession, and if it does not then you will go hours without checking the state of your building. For that reason, CCTV coupled with an alarm system can be effective. Your first line of defence, however, should be the installation of security gates to keep intruders away. Lock them each evening as you leave the premises, and you put a barrier between potential thieves and your belongings. Security gates are hard to climb or break through, and they will certainly stop thieves from being able to drive your van away, or to get heavy items out with ease.

It is also important to lock up any vehicles that remain on site overnight. A secure garage for car and van storage can keep your vehicles, and anything you keep inside them, safe when you are not around. Many people choose not to take their commercial vehicles home, but keeping them in a garage ensures that they are out of view and that thieves will not have access without making noise to attract attention. Roller garage doors are amongst the most effective, as they dont take up floor space or require room to swing open.

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